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Terms & Conditions


General provisions

The following terms and conditions of the limited liability company Popname s.r.o., with its head office at Zahradní 1242, 264 01 Sedlčany, Czech Republic, registered under the number: 01963511 at Commercial Register in Prague, section C, filler 213789 are valid for purchases made in the website located at The terms clarify the rights and obligations of the seller (Popname) and the buyer (customer) in accordance with the provisions of article 1751, paragraph 1 of the Czech Civil Code.

Ordering goods

All orders placed through the online store are binding. A buyer placing an order confirms that he is familiar with our terms and conditions, as well as the returns procedure, and agrees with them.
The order is a draft contract. The purchase contract shall take effect upon the buyer receiving the goods.
It is necessary for the buyer to submit all required data and information on the electronic order form.
The place of delivery is the delivery address specified by the buyer in the order form.
Ownership of the goods passes to the buyer subject to the payment of the purchase price and subsequent receipt of goods. 

Returns and exchanges

All returns will be handled according to the laws of the Czech Republic and the return policy of the store (see Return policy).
The exchange or return of products is only possible if they are returned in their original condition complete with all accessories.
The buyer has the right under paragraph 6 of Civil Code no. 367/2000 to withdraw from the contract within 21 days of receiving the goods. The buyer must return the goods with no signs of use or wear, in the original packaging. Upon receiving the returned goods, the seller will refund within 10 days the appropriate amount for the goods as previously agreed.
Goods can be returned to the seller under the terms of the returns procedure to:

Popname s.r.o., Zahradní 1242, 26401 Sedlčany, Czech Republic
ID: 01963511, VAT: CZ01963511
phone: 00420773676280, e-mail:

Changing or returning goods is only possible if they are returned in their original condition and packaging complete with all accessories. The carrier is not liable for poorly packaged shipments. The manufacturer does not usually recognize the warranty for goods damaged in transit, even if the defect occurred before shipping. Therefore please check goods when receiving the delivery.   

Rights and obligations of the seller

The seller has the right to cancel an order if the buyer fails to fulfill their commitment to receive the goods or pay the purchase price in full.
All personal data provided when completing electronic order forms on our website is confidential and is used for sending goods and newsletters that you can cancel at any time (see Privacy Policy).

"RAFFLE" - Furthermore, the seller reserves the right to withdraw from the order without giving reasons for limited releases that have recently become the target of dealers' interest. This is in order to avoid unfair practices and frauds by which these individuals and or groups of people try to purchase more than one pair for their private person and circumvent this rule in various ways. Or if we suspect that the order was made through a shopping bot.

Furthermore, the buyer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract for goods, the limited possibility of purchase of which was a win in a competition marked "RAFFLE", because it is a contract whose subject is a game or a lottery according to § 1840 letter c) of the Civil Code.

Rights and obligations of the buyer

The buyer is obliged to give a correct and complete mailing address to which the goods are to be shipped.
The buyer is obliged to receive the merchandise and pay the price in full. When a customer sends an order, they confirm that they agree to the price as indicated on the order form.
The buyer has the right to cancel the order or to return the goods within 21 days of delivery.     

Payment terms

We accept online payments by debit card and credit card via secured payment system PayU. All payments must be received before goods are dispatched.
Customers living in the Czech Republic or Slovakia are able to pay on receipt of the goods.

Delivery terms

Delivery within the Czech Republic are dispatched by the courier DPD or Czech Post. Your product will normally be delivered the day following dispatch. Delivery charges:
- cash on delivery: 109 Kč / orders over 2.500 Kč for free
- payment in advance: 79 Kč / orders over 2.500 Kč for free

Orders to Slovakia are dispatched by the courier DHL and the delivery time is usually within 2-3 working days of dispatch. Delivery charges:
- cash on delivery: 8 € / orders over 75 € for 5 € / orders over 120 € for free
- prepayment by credit card (gateway PayU): 7 € / orders over 75 € for 4 € / orders over 120 € for free

Outside of the Czech Republic and Slovakia we also ship with DHL to: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and to the Sweden.
- delivery time is approximately 2-4 working days
- shipping costs 11 € (Germany 9 €) / orders over 200 € for free

If the security tape on your package is damaged in any way, do not accept the delivery from the courier (and contact us please to resolve the problem: / 00420 773676280)


We are committed to ensure that your personal data is not disclosed in any form to third parties, except for the courier, and used solely for the purpose of ensuring the delivery of your goods and sending newsletters, which you can unsubscribe from at any time. Your data will be protected according to law and used only for communication between seller and buyer. Your personal information is used for the purpose of the implementation of these services and to send information by e-mail (order confirmation, shipment tracking info). It also serves to enable the necessary accounting operations, such as the preparation of tax documents and to identify payments made by bank transfer

We appreciate your trust and protect your data against misuse. We collect your data in order to improve the quality of our services. Data is not shared with third parties. 

Information about your purchases on - your order - are collected. This is necessary in order to ensure the supply of goods, handling complaints, and last but not least, these data serve also for your feedback control. Purchase information is stored in a secure database and not disclosed to third parties.

In case you want to keep your personal information from our database were completely removed, please send a request to delete personal data to address Your personal information will be immediately deleted from the database.

Your data that you place on are confidential and are not given to other parties, with the exception of partners providing payments such as banks, credit card company, etc. But always only in one particular payment using these services and exclusively within the confines of the law on protection of personal data.


1. The warranty period for all goods is 24 months starting from the date of delivery.

2. The warranty period should not be mistaken for the durability of any goods. Durability refers to the goods' ability to endure wear, tear and decay when used appropriately and taken care of, considering their purpose, properties and differences in frequencies of wearing.

3. If the buyer receives damaged or faulty goods, he/she has the right to file a claim towards the vendor. The goods should be returned without delay, right after the fault has been discovered. Continuous wear of your shoes may increase any existing damage to them, which may be a reason for us to refuse your claim.

4. Complaints only apply to defects caused by low quality material or poor production technology.

5. A change in the properties of goods during the warranty period is not considered as a fault if the change is the result of inadequate wearing, lack of or insufficient care, natural changes of material, damage caused by the buyer or third party and/or any other incorrect interference.

6. The claim is considered properly filed if the returned goods are complete and no breach of hygiene was caused. The buyer is obliged to return the goods clean and without any hygienic deficiencies. The seller has right to refuse your claim if the returned goods do not fulfil the principles of general hygiene (based on Regulation 91/1984 of the Czech national collection of laws).

7. The buyer has to send the claim form (download HERE) together with the goods and a copy of the invoice to the following address: Popname, Zahradní 1242, 264 01 Sedlčany, Czech Republic.

8. Assessment of the legitimacy of a claim and its eventual execution will be confirmed within 30 days from the application from the customer being received.

9. If the defect is not considered as refundable, the goods will be returned to the buyer at seller’s own expense.

10. If the defect is considered as refundable and the buyer will receive new goods as refund, the warranty period for the originally order will not be extended.


The chosen footwear meets demands for durability and functionality. For mutual satisfaction, please adhere to the following recommendations. When choosing shoes, make sure that the selected size exactly fits the size of your foot. The leg must be firmly fixed to prevent movement of the foot inside the shoe and consequential damage (abrasion) of the interior. Walking in loose fitting shoes can cause them to damage faster in the area between the toes and the instep, and also the heel can abrade quicker.

Treat suede shoes using a brush with stiff bristles. Leather shoes should be treated using an appropriate cream or spray for the leather. Shoes made of artificial leather should be cleaned with water and then patted dry. Textile materials should be treated using a dry brush. When the shoes are heavily soiled, use a cloth dipped in a mild detergent. Never wash the footwear in the washing machine, where they can be both mechanically and thermally damaged. Never dry shoes directly on radiators, in direct sunlight or in high temperatures. In such conditions leather hardens and consequently cracks. Stuff the footwear with scrunched-up newspaper and allow to dry slowly at room temperature. Loosen your shoes before wearing and removal to prevent damage to the heel. Use a shoe horn to prevent damage to the heel. Lace the shoes to the top to avoid causing abrasion to the soles of the heels. In winter salt can cause glued soles to become separated from the rest of the shoe.



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